Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Yangshuo, China

One of many that I took in this beautiful and picturesque place in China.


Wow that's stunning...

That's where they filmed a scene from Jurassic Park. But instead of horses, it was all velociraptors.

That is a beautiful picture, congratulations

There a so many beautiful places on earth I have to visit!

Nice, A beautiful shot.

You take some of the best pictures I've seen in awhile. You are a true photographer. Not like those 'photographers' on facebook who take the same black and white pictures on it to try and seem 'so deep'.

Great picture! My camera isn't quite that good, but better than the average market

That is an awesome scenic picture.

Yeah and thats good material for wallpaper!

looks like Apocalypse now beginning, really nice photo

this is so beautiful! this blog is legit

Very beautiful scenery

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