Monday, 23 May 2011

Halong Bay, Vietnam

I took this before I had a digital camera so it was on a not very good film camera, not the greatest quality.


Wow amazing landscape shot. Might have to save for wallpapers!

That is quite a stunning picture. The land doesn't look real

amazing photo loved it

Stunning picture indeed, I love it, makes me want to be there and see it with my own eyes.

That place looks amazing.

Absolutely awesome! Looks like it must have be an awesome place to visit =)

Wow really nice picture, thank you for sharing, recently I was playing a game where you are on Vietnam haha, I loved it :) Following!

a really nice one, where did you took this shot?

So you are the mighty Jack Sparrow ?

Still amazing. Sadly I won't be doing too much traveling, yet again, while here in Thailand.

I need to come back and just backpack from Bangkok to Camobodia into Vietnam up to Laos and back down to Thailand then down to Malaysia to Singapore and finally over to Indonesia. That could be a nice 6 week trip for $4000 including airfare... hmmmmm next summer...

Wow, that's an impressive trip, quite an adventure!

Great view. Saving for wallpaper :P

That's an amazing landscape shot you have there, what I would like to do is to stand in one spot and take photos in a 360 degree arc, then stitch them together to make one huge panorama, it would look great as a desktop wallpaper for multi monitor setups

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