Sunday, 22 May 2011

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

I've got quite a few from this volcano, some probably a bit better than this but I quite it for some reason.


That's a pretty volcano picture.

Costa Rica? This reminds me... I want Jurassic Park 4.

wow amazing living a volcano this close

I stayed right near there when I went to Coast Rica. That country is amazing, and Arenal was beautiful. Drinking at the base of a volcanoe at this nice resort type thing. Such a great trip, I got some of these pictures too : ).

I'd love to see your pictures Broccoli, I know the resort you are talking about. Arenal is lovely, it's one of my favourite places in Costa Rica. The town, La Fortuna, is to quiet and has some great walks to see the wildlife, in fact, until quite recently there used to be a little known about crocodile zoo (actually just crocs kept in an enclosure by chicken wire!).

Cool volcano, I've never seen one up close

Looks great! Around where I live, there are about 20 extinct volcanoes.

that picture is as awesome as scary!!

this scared shit out of me, i would never live near something like this. But cool picture anyway.

thats a nice pic, only 1 time i was close to a real chile

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