Monday, 30 May 2011

Church, Granada, Nicaragua

This is a church in Granada, Nicaragua. It looks pretty derelict but it's still functioning. It was quite a spectacular building to see at night with all the discolouring and the shadows.


Beautiful church - love the light coming from teh inside.

Emmm, what gadget are you using to get the Tumblr, Stumble upon ect. links underneath the post?

Amazing. I want that as my wallpaper.

Been there, really lovely church!

wow such a great contrast, beautiful photo

Great architecture. I heard it was first introduced by the conquistadors.

@MyNameBeBrian, it's from

Great photo, I love the look of the old churches and missions =)

Man, are you traveling the world or are you just lucky enough to be in range of where all these amazing photos can be taken?

The way the sun peers through the door is amazing, its a great photo; i love it =)

Athanasian Echo, I am currently living in Costa Rica so that's the reason for the Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua pictures. The rest are all from my previous travels.

Wow, nice capture! Good exposure too. All the important details really stand out.

Great photo. Makes me want to go. If you want to share any of your fantastic work check out

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