Thursday, 26 May 2011

Panama border

This is from the border of Panama and Costa Rica, just on Costa Rican side. It's a strange photo but I like the missing head.


That must have taken someone along time to do that, its so vibrant and colorful =)

Thats really cool, I love street art like this.

That is really cool. Oh, and I've got a small request. Please tell us when you took those photos.

Zoidberg, the ones from central America are from August 2010 to the present, the ones from Asia are from around 2006 and the ones from Morocco from about 2009.

impressive drawing out there !

Looks really cool. :)

Nice blog. Hope to see more.

Following and supporting. :)

Strange photo indeed, cool picture!

love street art like this, colours up the bridge alike thingy

Love this, such good 1. photography and 2. artwork!

the missing head does make it a lot better. if it had a head it wouldnt mean much at all to me

Very strange, but kinda interesting!

omg at first look i thought that is a blue duck on a bicycle

Beautiful and inspiring!
Greetings from Greece!

and no writers tag cover it, impressive.

I think it's the bright colors that make it so enjoyable.

@Alexis Thanks. I was asking, cause I'm going to Central America for vacation this year. I know it's wierd, but I was wondering wheter I would see this piece of graffiti. It's really cool.

wow nice photo, IS ART!

I love urban graffiti, at least the more artistic and elaborate ones. And is that a map? It looks awesome!

@Zoidberg if you come to Costa Rica then you will see lots of graffiti, they seem to love it here and do it all over the place. This should be still there, I took it in October. It is at the Sixaola border from CR to Panama, you can't really miss if you go there.

@K. Chalupa, yes, it's a map of the region around the border.

composition is good , i like it

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