Friday, 27 May 2011

Graffiti, Mental Hospital

I took this in an old derelict mental hospital in Costa Rica. It is supposed to be haunted but I didn't see anything, unfortunately. The place was literally covered with graffiti.


im not a big fan of graffity. I better like the street art pictures which are made nicely

Abandoned asylum in costa rica? count me out

Well, it's important to start practicing somewhere. Better to start when you're shitty in a place that barely anyone goes to. I'm just glad it wasn't a big wall full of dicks on it. That gets really annoying.

That sounds like a cool place to take photographs. Maybe you should take more...

That is pretty sweet, any more pics?

Yeah I've got quite a few more, they're all a bit strange but I will post them at some point.

Pretty cool street art, also I actually live in a town where theirs a mostly abandoned mental institution that was infamous for giving lobotomies that some people say is haunted =D

Nice picture, but it'd be more interesting to be in a functioning mental institution than in a haunted one.

This is cool, I love exploring abandoned places like this.

lol at a spray can graffiti piece xD

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