Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Up in the mountains

I took this when I was hiking through the mountains in northern Morocco. there were fields and fields of the stuff as well as rooftops full of it drying out.


I'd love to travel to Morocco if I ever have the time and the money. The picture is very beautiful! I like the contrast of the dry background and fresh plant

nice it's looks very exotic weed or what it's name

and did you happen to take any?

Nice pic. This just goes to show how awesome other countries can be when it comes to weed.

That's looks very awesomeeeeeee

Wow, how do yuo take pictures like these? Focus on such small things, macro focus? I'm trying to take photos of irises but I fail miserably

Flodström, yes it's macro focus. You could probably achieve the same thing in Photoshop but it's a lot easier if you can do get the result when you take the picture.

it was took by u? morroco? lol woah

great pic btw :3

I absolutely love your pictures.

maaaaaaan is weed legalized in your country? if yes im your neighbour

Nice picture, nice plant. You didn't smoke it up afterwards did you? lol

I wonder if it grew naturally. Either way, you should have taken it. :P

What happened to the plant afterwards?

I just left it there, there was no shortage elsewhere ;)

wow just growing wild. nice pictures

lol thats awesome...

That kinda looks like it would do crazy things to my brain if I were to ingest or inhale that...

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