Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mental Hospital

This is another from the derelict mental hospital in Costa Rica.


Scary! What brought you there?

@Luther, there's a volcano near here but we arrived too late and it was very foggy so we decided to go to this asylum instead. It wasn't the most exciting place!

wow, it seems to be good place to make scary movie :P

Nice place to go, with your gf :D

Wow o.O it's all broken and shit lol

looks scary to me, is it real hospital? if so just omg pool of fool

Yeah it was an asylum but I'm not sure when it closed down. It's more of a smoking place now for teenagers!

Loving these shots, wish I could find places like this near me.

That#d make an awesome film set for some kind of SAW rip off

It kind of makes me feel sad for people that used to be locked up there..

Wait, do you mean they had barb wire in an asylum? That's just wrong.

Must be looking terrific live! Also, this barbed wire is creepy.

nice post, keep it going!

Wow! cant you enter and take some inside photos?

Yeah you can enter, this was taken from inside another wing. I have some more from the inside which I will post soon.

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