Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Rooftops In Stormy Marrakesh

I was the peak of summer when this was taken and there was a brief storm so I tried to capture some lightning. This was the best one I took but it's not quite as dramatic as I was hoping for.


hell that's looks cool I thought it's a SS from video game

I'd agree with Pool Fool. That picture actually doesn't look bad at all. Even though it may not have been as 'dramatic' as you hoped, it looks very ominous.

amazing... what camera did you use to capture this?

That's REALLY cool. Keep it up!

Well done, loving the mood of this

EMSLife, I used a Panasonic TZ3 for this picture. I set it up to 1 minute exposures and kept repeating for half an hour or so until I got some lightning.

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