Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dawn In The Mountains Of Morocco

When we went up a mountain in northern Morocco we decided to leave before dawn to try and be back before the blazing forty degree heat started (which we didn't do). 


Fantastic sky there. Love the colors.

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nice shoot! the picture is great

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If you do, I will be very grateful!

oo, the sky is beautiful

For a second I was confused as to why you were considering forty degrees so hot but then I remembered you're probably somewhere that isn't America and thus uses the metric system. I hate our stupid system of measures.

You take such awesome photos

that is an amazing photo man, cant wait for more!

beautiful scenery, waiting for more

Looks nice an cool, no wonder you tried to beat the 40 degree heat

WOW Thats a beautiful picture! I would love to see Cambodia. Just fabulous!

lol srry I meant for that to be on the next post... accidentally put the comment here. Love this blog btw :)

Awesome photos; and your blog makes me jelly.

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